Our information on Wednesday 21st July 2021

The campagin Group calling for the reopening of Beattock Station has met up South Scotland MSP to discuss progress to date and the next steps.The MSP and ¬†Stephen Thomspon, Ward Councillor for Annandale and Eskdale, attended Beattock Station Action Group information evening in the Proudfoot indoor Sports and Social Club in Moffat.and were extremely supportive of the group’s work. Ron Mc Lean, the group’s new chairman, gave a short history of the campaign group since its formation in 2012,highlighting the work of our late chairman Martin Brown, in pushing through the hoops and hurdles they had overcome over the years, Ron Mc Lean said Beattock Station would complement , not compete with , Lockerbie for train stops. Coln Smyth said while rail services still have to come back to normal after the pandemic, public transport is the key to reducing carbon emmission and helping the goverment to tackle climate change policies.The group is now awaiting the outcome of Strategic Transport Projects Review 2 which is due at the end of August 21 and Transport Scotland making a decision by the end of the year or the start of 2022 with the station reopening between 2024 and 2029. We would like thank you all for coming along to the information evening.