Question made to the Transport Minister

Jim Hume a Liberal Democrat  MSP for the South of Scotland, asked a question on our behalf at General Questions in the parliament at Holyrood on Thursday the13th of March. Have a look at Jim Hume and the answer that Keith Brown, the Transport Minister gave:

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Jim Hume commented to us:

“A rail link at Beattock would be a huge boost for the local economy, and for commuters and business. Beattock Station Action Group have got a good campaign going and I’m very happy to support what they’re doing. 

 “Rail links are vitally important for our rural areas and the Scottish Government stands to play a key role in regenerating links through the £30million Scottish Stations Fund.

 “I hope that the Scottish Government will be supportive of the Action Group’s campaign to get Beattock reopened, which if successful would be hugely beneficial for the south west of Scotland.”